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CodeedEdu has integrated modules to manage the entire school administrative processes including Enquiry, Admission, Fee collection, Inventory, Purchase, Hostel, Transport, Front Office Management, and many other modules that help schools to bring the entire administration process under one umbrella.

Human Resources

CodeedEdu Management System automates HR processes for schools, including recruitment, attendance, leave management, and salary processing. It streamlines applicant filtering, leave approvals, and offers real-time attendance tracking. Employees can access their records through the CodeedEdu login.


CodeedEdu's Finance management module empowers schools to effectively handle financial transactions. It offers user-defined ledgers, vouchers, and reports. The intuitive dashboard provides insights into fees collection, pending payments, and more. The module generates various reports, including invoicing, expenses, income and expenditure, and balance sheet. It seamlessly integrates with other modules involving financial transactions like fees, admission, inventory, and payroll.


Modern school management software goes beyond traditional operations and now includes an effective communication portal, benefiting various stakeholders like parents, students, staff, and teachers. This robust CodeedEdu software brings everyone together on a single platform, providing real-time updates through a mobile app (coming soon). Schools with reliable management software experience better coordination and growth. Among the numerous options available, Nepal's talking ERP school software stands out as a valuable and hassle-free solution, enhancing learning and streamlining day-to-day processes.

Get to know our main features

Secure & Reliable

CodeedEdu ensures data security by following stringent guidelines and conducting daily backups, providing you with a trustworthy platform.

Global Accessibility

Hosted on a top-tier cloud server, CodeedEdu guarantees worldwide accessibility, safeguarding your data with the best security measures.

One Stop Solution

Embrace digital transformation with CodeedEdu, your comprehensive solution for all school needs, streamlining every aspect of education.

User Friendly Interface

Experience intuitive school management with CodeedEdu's user-friendly interface, making efficient operations accessible even to non-tech users.

Excellent Client Support

Benefit from secure cloud storage, automatic backups, and enhanced security features in CodeedEdu, ensuring reliable data management and user access.

Easy Data Migration

Transition effortlessly to CodeedEdu ERP with efficient data porting, facilitating smooth integration of previous years' records.

Easy and Faster Communication

Revolutionize parent-school communication with CodeedEdu, allowing teachers to provide daily updates and fostering quicker interactions.

Paperless Work & Better Reporting

Replace traditional paperwork with CodeedEdu ERP, guaranteeing data security and generating essential reports seamlessly for efficient school management.

Codeed Edu ERP System Modules

Codeed Edu ERP modules cover all aspects of the administration of school or group of schools.

Staff Recruitment
Library Management
Fee Management
Employee Information
Employee Attendance
Lesson Planning
Homework Assignment
Mobile SMS
Student Achievements
Daily Remarks
Hostel Management
Payroll Management
Student Attendance
Inventory Management
Student Image Gallery
Transport Management
Multiuser account system
Class routine schedule
Parent monitoring
Exam marks management
Profile system
Sibling Management
Print Records

Frequently asked questions

Uninterrupted Education with E-learning

Smart Way to Conduct Assessments

Ensures Child Safety with Real Time GPS

Attendance Task Becomes Less Time Consuming

Single Click Report Card Generation Option

Automated Calculation Based Payroll

Increased Parent Engagement

Hassle-Free Administrative Management

Faster and Efficient Communication

Ensures Trouble-Free Library Management

Decreased Work Pressure and Time Consumption

Easy to Use and Personalized User Access

Perfect Solution to E-Learning Management

Cloud Facilitation and SMS Integration

Dedicated Team Support and Parent Help Desk

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