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WordPress Care Plans & Monthly Maintenance Packages

White Label WordPress Care Plans For Digital Agency

To make you succeed online

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans are enriched with ultimate care

We are experts in the field of website maintenance to address day-to-day website troubleshooting needs as well as make your website faster, more secure, and up-to-date.

Provides Peace of Mind

Provides Peace of Mind

We do diagnose and troubleshoot any problems that your WordPress website may be experiencing. Additionally, if you choose, we may upgrade your site's security and even transfer it to a different server. Give us all of your troubles, and you may maintain your peace of mind.

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Backup
  • One-Click Restoration after any technical issue
  • 24x7 Uptime Monitoring and Action
  • Team of Passionate WP Developers
  • Hand-Holding Support
  • Consultation with Expert as Needs
Website Peak Performance

Website Peak Performance

Your WordPress website's backups are kept on secure Amazon S3 servers. Your site is kept live 99.99% of the time by our 24-hour service team, who also creates backup copies of it. Along with the functionality, our support team makes sure that your site loads quickly and is free of spam comments.

  • Analyse page size and load time
  • Analyse Website Speed & Performance
  • Advanced Speed Optimization Strategy
  • Best Caching Implementation Suiting your WordPress Setup.
  • Optimize images and reduce the size by up to 90%
  • Get rid of spam comments
Professional Website Maintenance

Professional Website Maintenance

We keep your WordPress website up to date and safe. We periodically update and check all of your core files, plugins, and themes. We make sure that your website's health, performance, and functionality are up to the mark.

  • Regular WordPress Core Update
  • Consistent Plugin Update
  • Theme update for a fresh experience
  • Clear all unused and inactive plugins
  • Deleted Unused themes
  • Regularly Find & Fix Broken Links
Increase Traffic, Boost Ranking

Increase Traffic, Boost Ranking

Get all the help you need to expand your business. Make your website visible to local and international buyers by ranking it highly in SERPs. Increase the number of website visits and lead generation.

  • SEO Redirect Support
  • Broken Link fix on Request
  • Search Console Setup
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Sitemap submit to Search Console
Privacy, Security & Protection

Privacy, Security & Protection

Be at ease regarding the security of your WordPress website as soon as you decide to use our services. We get rid of all the viruses and secure your website against numerous security risks. With our services, you will feel comfortable and confident that your website is being protected.

  • Clean up logs, database cleaning
  • Scan and Remove Malware
  • Firewall Setup and Virus Protection
  • Automated Security Scan
  • Spam and Phishing Prevention
  • WordPress Vulnerability Protection
Emergency Fix & Protection

Emergency Fix & Protection

We guarantee that your WordPress website never goes down and is secure from any form of brute-force attacks thanks to our 24-hour website monitoring service. We look for any issues and quickly resolve them. We take all necessary steps to secure and maintain the integrity of your website.

  • Diagnose and Fix Errors as they appear
  • Constant Monitoring for Database Errors
  • Debug Chronic Issues
  • Bruteforce Attacker Protection
Mobile & Browser Optimization

Mobile & Browser Optimization

We make sure that you never suffer consequences for failing to respond to any part of your website. We fix any issues that prevent it from being fully responsive.

  • Minor Mobile Responsibility Issue Resolution
  • Browser caching for Mobile Speed
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool
  • GZip Caching Implementation
  • Lazy Load for Performance
  • Solving alignment Issues
Increase Conversion Rate

Increase Conversion Rate

We are experts in turning visitors into paying customers. Our expertise is in developing highly effective, bespoke WordPress solutions that can help you boost conversion rates.

  • Cloudflare CDN Implementation
  • Implement Conversion Friendly Change (As Requested)
  • Assistant for your Marketing Campaign
  • Implementing Third-Party Scripts
  • Conversion Consultation as Required
Clarity of Deliverability

Clarity of Deliverability

We assure that you are receiving what you have paid for through regular reporting. Additionally, it is to guarantee that you are current with the activities taking place on your site. You will have clarity on deliverability and peace of mind as a result.

  • Google Analytics Traffic Report
  • Monthly Preventive Activity Report
  • WP Care Report
  • Uptime Monitoring Report
  • Ticket Insight Report
100% Satisfaction Oriented

WordPress Maintenance Process

Taking 100% Care of Your Website

Lets take your website performance to next level

From this...

To this...

  • From...Feeling Helpless
    To... Hand-Hold Support
  • From... Slow for visitors to load and browse
    To... Blazingly-fast WordPress website
  • From... Multiple security breaches and warnings
    To... Fully secured, monitored, and backed up website
  • From... Missing performance upgrades and features
    To... Theme, plugins, and core software are always updated
  • From... Declining website traffic
    To... Month-on-month website improvements
  • From... Unresponsive and buggy website
    To... Mobile-friendly and optimized website
  • From... Inexperienced WordPress developers
    To... Expert WordPress development assistance
  • From... Missing Domain & SSL Certificate Renewal
    To... Always Active and Renewed
  • From... Missed to take regularly updated backup
    To... Always have a Safe and Recoverable Backup

Want this peace of mind for one of your business's most important assets?

WordPress maintenance plan pricing

Care Plan

$47 / Mo. / Site

  • Cloud Backups (Daily)
  • Theme, Plugin, and WP Core Updates (Monthly)
  • Site Protection by iThemes Security (Premium)
  • Monthly White Label Reports
  • Restorations of Backups
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Advanced Security (Firewall and Malware Scans)
  • Technical SEO Audit & Recommendations
  • Core Web Vital Audit & Recommendations
  • Invite Your Clients to White Label PM Tool
  • Additional 30 Minutes Per Months For Other Website Edits & Bug Fixes

Other services

Optimize Add-on

$97 / Mo. / Site
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Growth Add-on

$97 / Mo. / Site
Make your site Google ready with on-page SEO LEARN MORE

Development Plan

Starts at $747 / Mo. / Unlimited Sites
Hire developer to help with anything WordPress LEARN MORE


We support up to 40 unique page sites on our Care site add-on.

Unique Page: In WordPress, each uniquely designed template page can be used to create more pages with different copy. Blog final page is an example of a unique page where all pages have the same design but different copy and images. Another example is service pages. You can have 10 service pages but they all can have one unique page layout.

After we make any updates to your site, our QA team reviews one page of each unique page of your site to ensure it looks and operates as before. More unique pages equal to more work after each update.

We charge an additional $5 per month per 10 more unique pages per site.

Additionally, websites that have user logins and orders due to eCommerce, memberships, LMS, etc generally are larger sites with more third-party plugins and require extra time to maintain. We will audit your site and update you if you are required to pay extra. On average such sites will incur an additional $15-$30 per month cost.

We do not work with HIPPA complaints sites.

We do not work with multi-site network sites.

We keep your site maintained each month and on top of that, you receive 30 minutes of development work time. This time can be used towards the following:

  • Restore site from backup
  • Copy edits
  • Site cleanup
  • Troubleshooting
  • Bug Solving

We backup your website daily, automatically. Backups of the past 90 days are retained and can be used to restore the previous version of the site.

At UnlimitedWP, we use the premium service of WPRemote to scan websites. All sites are auto-scanned once every 24 hours. You can request on-demand scanning by creating a task for it.

We scan the entire site including files as well as the database.

Our technical support hours are from 12:30 AM to 10:30 AM Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. Any support tickets submitted during off-hours are immediately attended to during our regular support hours.

UnlimitedWP uses paid Malcare (third-party) service and paid version of iThemes Security plugin to protects against vulnerabilities, however, there are certain vulnerabilities that the Firewall cannot protect against, hence we recommend that you keep your WordPress site fully updated all the time.

We back up everything in your WordPress site incrementally and completely – Including posts, pages, files, themes, images, etc. A WordPress site consists of 2 parts: Database – We back up the complete database. Files – We back up all the files within your core WordPress folders (wp-content, wp-includes, and wp-admin). This strategy ensures that we do not miss anything on your site.

We ignore files generated by other backup plugins, cache files, and log files as they do not add any value to the backup. Backing them up would put unnecessary strain on your site and also cause issues at the time of restoration.

After you have purchased your support plan, you will be requested to share the WordPress admin credentials and file access securely over LastPass. This helps us connect to your site in order to install our services offered (i.e., security monitoring, backups, and plugins). Our staff keeps these credentials private and will never share these details with anyone not associated with UnlimitedWP.

We will also request to share information regarding customized plugins where we need to be extra careful before making updates.

We can not guarantee a site protection however we guarantee that we’ll do everything in our power to protect your website from the likes of brute force attacks, hackers, bot attacks and the rest. Firewall will help block any sort of unwanted traffic to your website and login protection will help prevent any kind of brute force attempt to access your website.

We keep backup of site from past 90 days.

We have managed over 500 WordPress and Woocommerce websites with a focus on Security and Updates

WordPress Care Plans
  • 500+ Sites Managed

  • 50+ Experts

  • Made for Digital Agency

  • Remarkable Results

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“If you need to outsource WP work, this is the place to be”

UnlimitedWP is a great company to work with.  They are the perfect partners in helping me grow my business. They respond quickly, stay on task and have gone above and beyond to assist with my project.

A Brennan

We worked with Unlimited WP during 2022 and I was very happy with the service received. They were knowledgeable, helpful and good to work with. If you have a consistent volume of development work this is a great service.

J Adam



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